Supergirl (and Superdog!)

by Cheryl G
(Brampton, Ontario)

Super Girl & Super Dog

Super Girl & Super Dog

My daughter wanted to be Supergirl. I found a dog costume for Superdog on sale, so I got it thinking I could just use the cape...nope!

Our dog just HAD to be Superdog. So I sewed up a cape and skirt, used coloured tape to make the symbols and put those onto the cape and a blue shirt. Voila, a crime fighting duo!

Well now, that's quite a crime fighting duo you have there. I do love the improvised matching canine costume. With the look on your dog's face, I don't think I'd want to cross super dog!

I showed it to my 8 year old and she said, "Wow that is so neat."

Thanks for submitting and you are the first of the 2011 homemade Halloween Costume submittals so we are off to a super start. Thanks Cheryl.

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