my little jack sparrow

by morgan shepard
(quinlan, tx usa)

Young Jack Sparrow Costume

Young Jack Sparrow Costume

This is my little jack sparrows got the costume idea from a pattern best one so far:)

Thanks Morgan for submitting your little Jack Sparrow costume idea.

From the picture it looks like you've assembled some interesting pieces. From some green shoes to orange sachet and red and white striped pants. Very colorful I must say.

I see a white collard shirt, that should be easy to find but the brown vest looks like something you may have made or borrowed from an older person.

The makeup (including chest hair? LOL) and eye patch are great touches. I seem to remember Jack wearing quite a bit of eye liner. Glad to see you didn't go there with your son!

I'd love to know how you made or where you got the hand hook. It also looks like he has a sword in his other hand.

Well I must say, thank you so much for submitting your costume idea. This would be something fitting for a wide age range and with a little imagination and creativity, I would think it is something people could do for themselves as well. Great costume and have a wonderful, happy and spooky Halloween.

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