iTunes Gift Cards Ideas

Music lovers enjoy receiving iTunes gift cards. A great way to personalize your gift is to put that gift card in a creative, memorable or useful package.

'Come on! Get creative and have fun!

Attach the iTunes gift card to a 16 ounce or larger cool looking trendy, hip, colorful bottle of something like a Sobe Lifewater drink (lizards are really in! the colored water is fun) as is that cool blue bottle that Madonna bottled water comes in or a bottle of bubbly juice like Sparkling Apple Cider (a favorite is Martinelli's).

You can also attach the gift card to a favorite bottle of wine you can go with a favorite or funky label.

You can also attach the gift card to a large screwcap beer bottles (great micro brands like Fat Tire and Pacifico for instance.

Tie in a favorite snack that pairs visually with the large bottle something tall and vertical such as wrapped licorice sticks or beef jerky sticks or dried fruit roll sticks (you can also go retro and add taffy sticks or Chic-o-sticks)

An over-sized candy bar or favorite package of munchies works for attaching an gift card(who doesn't love to munch on something while listening to tunes?)

Wrap your attached gift card in cellophane with shredded paper and a bow or a attach it to the inside of an inexpensive journal along with a gel pen for the soulful poet/songwriter. For eco edgy look wrap in newspaper or a brown paper bag you can spray glitter or add glitter to glue (it dries clear) for a hip and different look.

For wrapping or accenting the gift, add some color with shredded paper, use cellophane wrap clear or colored (the kind from your kitchen is fine actually) and tie with twine, raffia or colored ribbon- no package required its a self-contained totally cool gift!

*To attach the iTunes gift card you can make a piece of double-sided tape with tape and tape in back for more visual appeal either in a gift envelope or by itself.

For about $1 to $5 you can deliver a gift that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ears (often less than a gift bag or wrapping paper). Give an eco cool gift by using shredded paper bags, newspaper or gift tissue paper too.

You can also put all the above items in a basket or bowl but paired with a beverage or favorite snack food it's not needed. Some great places to get these low cost containers plastic and straw baskets or bowls are at the Dollar bins at these stores: Target, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Michael's Crafts, Dollar Tree, Big Lots for $1 to $5 you have a great container.

Another idea is to place the gift card in a trendy or cute mug with a packet of cocoa or use a beer mug or a glass pilsner filled with shredded papers or a favorite brand or a candy jar with candy inside -- yummy and cool!

What a great way to make someone's day...

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