Homemade Christmas Gag Gifts

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When making homemade Christmas gag gifts, the first thing to do is think about the person you’re going to tease with this gift. Are they superstitious? Are they worried about their appearance? Are they constantly thinking about their appearance? Do they obsess over cleanliness? Their pets? Their favorite star? Think of all the things that they worry about or talk about and that is your target for great homemade Christmas gag gifts. Here are some examples of easy and inexpensive homemade gag gifts you can wrap up or put in a gift bag. Note of caution these are best given to adults who can laugh at themselves and all intended in fun – these are not intended for children !

Instead of Ho ho ho its Ha ha ha!

For the superstitious

  • Wrap up a broken mirror – oops!
  • Give a container of salt or rabbits foot with a note guess you know what to do
  • Wrap garlic cloves with a note - keeps the vampires and werewolves away
For the naughty

  • Make your own “lump of coal” by taking a rock and painting it black (use black acrylic paint it washes right off your brush probably need 2 coats or use black spray paint) wrap up the piece of goal with a note for the very naughty person on your list
  • Make a Santa’s Christmas list and put your intended naughty person’s name on it with a strike through it use your computer or write in fancy handwriting
  • Make Naughty Candy Canes…. Unwrap candy canes coat with hot sauce… let dry wrap in cellophane wrap tie up with pretty ribbon and watch their faces (don’t give these to anyone with food allergies or medical problems).

candy cane gag gifts

Appearance Obsessed

  • Give a fun house mirror (it will make them seem bigger, fatter, squatter)
  • Give deodorant and mouthwash or breath mints with a note that says thought you could use these
  • Give something 2 to 10X too big or really small (like really, really big or small underwear its just so funny when its way too big or way way too small)
Cleanliness Obsessed
  • Give them some dirt in an empty jar (for the person that has everything --- except dirt)
  • Combine a hair net, plastic gloves and rubbing alcohol
  • A container of hand sanitizer – with a note you can never have too much of this stuff!
Pet Obsessed

  • Give them a master and pet matching dish set (you can just write their name and their pets on a matching bowl using a ceramic writing pen or paint)
  • Give them matching mats their name and their pets name
Star Struck
  • Buy an inexpensive frame and clip out a picture from a magazine or internet of their favorite star, sports icon for their desk (actually they might like this gag gift more than you think)

Hopefully these items above give you some ideas about homemade Christmas Gag Gifts. If you run out of time or ideas, here's a few things that are fun and funny.

Refer back to classic movies like Christmas Story where they had the Lamp or go totally and get your recipient a potty putter for something to do in the office. Look below for more outrageous ideas.

This is just the to get you started. Let you imagination run wild. Think about what your friends and family like and dislike and go with it. Get creative!

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