Ball in the Cup Game

by Chip Patat
(Greer SC)

Attach a plastic cup to an old belt by making a small hole in the side of the cup & also in the belt. Attach using a small machine screw & nut . Drill a hole through a small rubber or plastic ball(needs to have some weight to it) & push a piece of cord(about 18") through the drilled opening. Make a hole in the bottom of the cup & push the cord through the opening in the bottom of the plastic cup. Tie a knot in both ends of the cord. You now have cup attached to a belt with a small ball hanging from the bottom of the cup by a cord. The fun starts when you put the belt on & try to put the ball in the cup without using your hands(hip motions only). I guarantee this will get a lot of laughs!

Chip - Thanks for the submission. This sounds like a great ice breaker for a party. Make two of these and you could have a partners version as well. Terrific Idea.

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