Ariel and Flounder AKA Makenzie and Jackson

by Julianne McGrath
(Medina, New York)

Makenzie wanted to be Ariel for Halloween so her Nana designed a costume using two different patterns to get the Ariel look.

With a red wig.....Makenzie looked in the mirror and proclaimed...."I am the REAL Ariel" she then proceeded to sing every word of "Part of your World" from the Disney movie!

Makenzie then insisted that her little brother, Jackson had to be her "best friend" Flounder! So Nana set to work trying to design a Flounder costume.

She took pictures from the movie and looked at stuffed Flounders to come up with the costume which Jackson wore for Halloween. Together they were the perfect Ariel and Flounder!

Julianne - Thanks for the story. What a wonderful Nana. Any pictures?

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