What Can I Do with Old Christmas Cards?

Ever thought, 'What can I do with old Christmas Cards?' Well before you throw away last years old cards, here are a few ideas that you can do yourself. Better yet if you have little ones and you've ever thought, 'I need a craft using old christmas cards.' then this is the place.

I need a craft using old christmas cards

New Uses for Old Christmas Cards

With a few supplies you can get a any arts and crafts store or for that matter any first grade classroom, you can do any number of things.

Homemade Christmas Supplies

Now back to the matter at hand which is, 'What can you make with old Christmas cards?' Lots of cool stuff that’s what, from a cute stocking that you can use to put gift cards, jewelry, small toys and gifts to gift tags, Christmas decorations, attractive bookmarks and even new, customized Christmas cards from old Christmas cards.

Paper Gift Card Stocking

Use this cute stocking to put gift cards, jewelry, small toys and gifts to gift tags or hang on your tree, on the wall in hopes someone, Santa or an elf perhaps will fill it!

Used Christmas Card Ideas - Gift Card Holder

This is a great idea for room moms, teachers, and offices. Kids can get involved. Co-workers can get involved (even have a contest on the best stocking, funkiest stocking, prettiest stocking, most Christmas like stocking – the possibilities are endless!

Christmas decorations are a natural reuse of old Christmas cards. Take the prettiest small clips of pictures and make some beautiful and inexpensive keepsakes. Great for people on a tight budget. Terrific for the kids to do.

Holiday Bookmarks

Got a bookworm in the family? How about a Barns & Noble gift card with a bookmark? You can make Attractive bookmarks from Christmas cards see this example it doesn’t have to be a Christmas theme, this card had three pictures of wildlife on it and were cut into strips to make 3 different bookmarks 3 wonderful keepsakes or gifts from 1 card.

What can I do with old Christmas Cards

The Old Standby- Gift Tags

The simplest answer to, 'What can I do with old Christmas Cards?' is the most tried and true answer, gift tags. They make great looking gift tags from old Christmas cards (with our one card we were able to make 6 beautiful gift tags.

Used Christmas Card Gift Tags

The trick is to find cards without lots of writing inside, hand or printed. Usually this is not a problem with the front side of a card, but be wary because you will have to sign them!

Final Note of Caution

Of course there other great ideas like making old Christmas cards new again by making custom cards or tree ornaments and more! But I have to give you a warning or piece of advice if you choose to gift used Christmas cards as part of a gift, try to remember who gave you what card. You don't want to send back someone's prior year Christmas card cut up into a bookmark or gift tag!

So, here are a few answers to the age old question, 'What can I do with old Christmas Cards?' What are your ideas?

Merry and Blessed Christmas to all.

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