Creative Visa Gift Purchasing Card Ideas

It used to be that giving someone a visa gift purchasing card was considered slightly vulgar. Now it is common place for people to be give and receive gift cards. The problem is that it is somewhat of a cop out. It means I couldn't think of anything personal but I thought I'd get you something anyway. Where's the thought?

Well there are ways to give gift cards and make them into a more thoughtful gift. You do this by building a gift around the gift purchasing card.

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Example of a Gift Card Project

My daughter is in kindergarten. She's had the same teacher for 2 years and the kids all loved her. As one of the room mom's my wife and her capable co-room-mom decided to create a thank you gift for the end of the year. What them came up with was nothing short of brilliant. For less than $10 per kid they gave her the gift she can spend and also remember for the rest of her life.

They made a scrap book. Each child drew a picture with a note for the teacher. Mixed in were some pictures from different events from the year. Cost of less than $15 or $20. To show appreciation they mixed a variety of gift cards in $10 to $20 denominations.

The Result

Now not only did she reminisce as she turned the pages, she was also found small treasures in the form of visa gift purchasing cards, Starbucks cards, etc. within the pages of the scrap book. It was a huge hit.

Gift Bag Ideas

Your challenge is to find a creative way to hide the treasures, (the gift cards) within the context of a personalized homemade gift.

Some Ideas

Here are some other gift card ideas, including pictures and instructions.

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