Creating Unique First Birthday Gifts

Coming up with meaningful or unique first birthday gifts that either is memorable or affordable (or both) can be nerve-wracking! Baby's first birthday is a milestone event. Some families go all out. Whether you are the god parent or the aunt or next door neighbor you want it to say more than here's a present.

History of First Birthday Gifts

Historically the first birthday was a time for parents, family and friends to breathe a sigh of relief. The mortality rates were high for young children however surviving to celebrate the first birthday was monumental.

Gift Ideas

  • Minted coins with baby's birth year in a collectors folder
  • Wine bottled in baby's birth year with the idea it will be saved until the baby's 21st birthday or marriage toast
  • Savings bonds (affordable, personalized, and forward thinking)
  • Framed newspaper front page with headlines for baby's birthday
  • Time capsule with an item or two to start it off for the parents - pure fun for when the little one grows up!

Hope to see you back again!

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