Personalized Wedding Gifts

When it comes to personalized wedding gifts, it often comes down to how you give something that is both meaningful and personal. I'll tell you that for me, after 9 years of being married, I couldn't tell you 80% of who gave us what. My wife probably remembers about 50%...well maybe more but I'm sure she does not know 100%.

What we do both remember are the personalized ones. We had a homemade wedding gift that was flower vase hand made by the girlfriend of one of my co-workers. When we first got it I thought wow, that's 'interesting'. I've grown to like it and to this day I know who gave it to us.

The message is that to be memorable, your gift has to be personal, unique, homemade or creative. Otherwise you will be just like everyone else who went to the registry and picked out the nicest cheapest gift!

What is Personalized?

For weddings, a personalized wedding gift is something that you give as part of yourself. It can be that you know one or both of the people getting married and you chose something that uniquely fits them. For instance if the couple are both into traveling, a his and her travel related gift is personalized.

A personalized gift can also be homemade. In the case above, it is pretty clear to everyone that I'm not much of a cut flowers guy so getting me a vase was not personalized by knowing me or my wife. It was personalized by giving something created for us. That is what makes it memorable and unique.

Other Ideas

Probably one of the most personalized gifts I ever gave was to a buddy of mine. I remember him talking about the wedding planning. How he felt that it was all about their house, their life together, their dish pattern, their silverware etc. He said he felt like he was completely losing himself.

While it can be true that in some ways marriage is about two becoming one, I could hear him lamenting a little. Me being the good bachelor friend, I decide my wedding gift would be something they both could use but he would appreciate. I got them a very nice croquet set. It would go well with the summer BBQ's and the new law they had with their new home. We used that croquet set many a summer afternoon for years. Even his wife became quite the croquet aficionado.

Other Wedding Related Gifts

Of course there are other wedding related gifts that are available. For instance there are bridesmaid gifts and groomsman gifts. Of course there are others but those are the ones that are most often of concern in a wedding event.

The real lesson here is to find something about the couple that is personal or to create something to give of yourself.

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