Homemade Wedding Gifts

Going to a wedding for a friend or relative requires a gift. Homemade wedding gifts are some of the most memorable and lasting gifts of all. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going to the registry and selecting a gift the bride and groom have chosen but in 10 years, nobody will really remember who gave which gift from the registry. Heck for me it was about 10 days!

Now I do remember the one homemade wedding gift we got. It was a vase and at first it was well kind of ugly. It has since grown on me and I like it now. The main point is I still know who gave us that gift. It was memorable, unique and home made. So here are some ideas for you for home made wedding gifts. Some require craftiness or skills, others not so much but here goes;

Sewing/Knitting Ideas

Quilts People who know how to quilt can make wonderful creative things with a few scraps of cloth or so it seems. It is both time consuming and takes some knowledge and planning by the creator but it can be customized for the bride and the groom with a little detective work on your part. For instance, check with the parents of the couple and see if there are any clothes or blankets that have been saved from their childhood. These pieces of clothing if you can get them could be combined to create a wedding quilt.

Afghan Others know how to crochet. How about an afghan or lap blanket? Again it takes time and effort but the personal touch of doing it yourself will have meaning to the couple for years to come. You can get as simple or as complicated a pattern as you wish but choose colors wisely. Something that relates to the wedding colors or something that goes with everything will do best.

Embroider/Cross Stitch If you are good with a needle and thread there are a number of options for wonderful homemade wedding gifts. You could design a cross stitch pattern and personalize it with names and a wedding date and place it in a frame. How about a throw pillow with something cross stitched onto it? Better yet if you know how to embroider, the list gets large like his/her towels, hankies or lap blankets. I've seen people get really creative with embroidered monograms on everything from scarves, hats or a decorative items for the bath room and kitchen. Some flowers or simple pattern with a letter or two is both decorative and unique.

Soaps, Candles and Scented Stuff

Homemade candles are a wonderful personalized gift for any occasion. Why not make some scented colorful candles for a wedding gift? How about making them in the wedding colors. Give them 9 candles. One for every year for their first 5 years and then one for their 10th, 20th, 25th, and 50th or something like that. Your homemade wedding gift will be remembered for years.

How about soaps and other scented stuff for the bathroom? You can buy commercial kits to make lotions, soaps and candles at a number of arts and crafts stores. Make them in the colors of the wedding or scent them with the scent of the flower bouquet.

Pictures and Frames

There are all kinds of creative ways to use pictures and frames. For instance you can go down to the craft store, find a carved block of wood and lacquer the invitation to the wood. You can take mementos from the wedding and make a shadow box out of the items you take from the wedding.

If you are into scrap booking you could make a wedding/childhood scrapbook for the happy couple. Call both sets of parents and see what they may have. Maybe if you knew a little about where they were going on their honeymoon, you could make a pre-made honeymoon scrapbook where all they have to do is take the pictures and insert them into the book. Finally the most creative idea I have heard is to take a picture of the bride/groom as the are walking down the isle and while everyone is being whisked away to the reception, run over to the one-hour photo place and have a blow up made of the picture you took. Get a pen and have everyone at the reception sign the picture during the reception. One thing is for sure, your homemade wedding gift will make a lasting impression because there is nothing like being the first at something to make it memorable!

Foods & Jars

Whenever two people get married there are always old favorites that Mom used to make. With a little detective work you can find out what those recipes are and make a his/her favorites recipe book? Mix in some pictures of their youth an you have a scrapbook cookbook. If you are handy in the kitchen how about some preserves made especially for the couple. Maybe you are a wine maker. What about 4 bottles of wine? Each special labeled for the first 10th, 25th and 50th anniversaries. You get the idea.

Other Creative Ideas

If you are handy with wood or some other skill, you can probably think of simple things like cutting boards or complicated things like furniture or a hope chest. Other creative ideas might include gift baskets or gift towers with little things for around the house.

Time Capsule One of the most inventive things I saw was a time capsule for the wedding. This is things related to the year of the wedding and things from the wedding including pictures, napkins, dried flowers etc. (no food please!) They are placed in the capsule, only to be opened at the 10th/20th/30th etc. anniversaries.

Now go make that homemade wedding gift and don't forget the card!

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