Homemade Romantic Gifts

Homemade romantic gifts are often some of the most memorable and treasured gifts. The point is to make sure it is personalized and has meaning.

These kinds of gifts have meaning, not because of the monetary value but because of the time and effort invested in their creation. Your job is to make it personal and appropriate to your sweetie!

What is Romantic?

This is a wide open question and it means different things to men and women. In fact it means different things to different women just as it does to different men. So how does that help...well it doesn't. Here's what does, romantic means thought being put into an idea. You have heard that it is the thought that counts. Often that is reserved for a mild failure or miss step in gift giving. In this case, it truly the thought, so long as it is honest and real, that is most important.

Examples of Homemade Romantic Gifts

A gift that is both romantic and homemade does not mean you built it from scratch. You need to have some creativity that goes into making the gift.

For example, one year I could not figure out what to give my wife for Valentines day. I was truly stumped. It was down to the wire. I decided to get something for each of the senses. I put together a grab bag with something for taste, touch, smell sight and sound.

Now I figured I'd get some kudos for being clever and it would be good but she loved it. Nothing in that package was more than $5 to $10. It was no where near as expensive as the diamond tennis bracelet from Tiffany & Company but it was definitely appreciated. She still talks about it to this day.

Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for you and if you click the link you will get more instruction on how to make it yourself. We'll leave it up to you on how to personalized it.

Still not catching your eye? Try hunting around here for some suggestions;

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