Homemade Party Favors

Making your own homemade party favors can give any party a personalized touch that guests will appreciate.

Instead of paying a couple dollars, here's a simple party favor for a kids party that can cost pennies! You can adapt this to adult birthday parties, wedding showers or any other occasion where you might find party favors.

The main point is to make sure you personalize your gift bags. It makes guest feel welcomed and special. After all, you do want them to enjoy themselves and leave them with good thoughts.

Easy Party Favor - Supplies

Briefly, for this little personalized party favor, you will need the following supplies;

  • Plastic party bags with age appropriate goodies to fill them
  • Colored paper & Scissors
  • Glue & Glitter
  • Ribbon & Hole Punch

Supplies for Homemade Party Gift Bags

Personalizing the Party Favor

First cut out tags in shapes to match the theme of your party. This happened to be a princess birthday party so the tag theme was a crown shape.

Next from your guest list, write the name of each guess using a fine tipped glue bottle. You can use a toothpick as well. Then bathe the wet glue in glitter as shown below.

Personalized Party Favor Glitter

Next, shake off the glitter and voila you have your personalized tag. In this case, the guest named Emma has a purple crown with golden glitter lettering.

Personalized Glitter Party Favor

Finishing the Simple Party Favors

To finish assembling your homemade party favors attache some ribbon to a the tag. Before you can do this you will nee to find a spot to one side of the tag where you can use a hole punch to punch a hole large enough to accommodate your ribbon.

Homemade Kids Party Favors

Finally once you stuff the bag with goodies that you can buy or make, attach the personalized tag to your easy to make party favors by tying it off with ribbon. Here's what your personalized party favor might look like.

Homemade Party Favors

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