Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes

Making homemade Halloween costumes can be fun, creative and sometimes challenging task for a family. Some of my best costumes have been last minute spur of the moment ideas that just came to me hour before the party.

It was always a cop out to go dressed down as a bum. It was more fun getting creative.

Here are some easy homemade Halloween costume ideas for both kids and adults to get the creative juices flowing.

Human Golf Trophy

This came to me about 2 days before a Halloween party. I was looking around the house for ideas as I often do and I saw a trophy on the shelf and said...why not!

Trophy Materials

  • Old pair of slacks, polo shirt and shoes
  • Old golf club
  • Gold spray paint, (If available use clothing spray paint)
  • Gold makeup and hair spray

Tips and Assembly of Golf Trophy Costume

The most important thing to remember is that when you paint clothing, it will be very stiff. Make sure you dry it out thoroughly. To remove the stiffness, you may need to wash it a couple of times. If you use regular spray paint you may also need to fold/roll the clothing to it out a bit.

Also, get help applying the hair spray and makeup. Unless you can see the back of your head and neck, you will need help.

Here's what it looks like with the classic golf pose...

Homemade Halloween Costumes Golf Trophy

Toilet Costume?

OK, now I will admit sometimes I got a little overly creative. In this case, we had literally 30 minutes to come up with something. Time pressure may have forced a less than spectacular judgment but it did show a great deal of creativity.

Idea for Toilet Costume

For this one, I had just replaced a toilet in the house. Like I said, we didn't have much time. The lid I bought did not fit. Instead of taking it back to the store, we used it in a costume.

Here's what you will need to pull this baby off...

  • A pair of white pants, white shirt an white shoes.
  • A wooden dowel for the TP holder
  • A cardboard cutout/safety pin for a flushing handle

And.. viola, you have a tasteless Halloween costume. Granted we could have been way more gross but this was already pretty close to the line.

Here's what it looks like...the face has been blurred to protect the innocent.

Homemade Halloween Costume ideas - Toilet

Girl Kid Costume Idea

OK now for some more mature ideas like a butterfly for a young girl. This one was relatively easy to make if you have some old sheer curtains.

It is also one of the most flexible homemade Halloween costumes because it can also be a fairy or any number of other winged imaginary or real creatures. If you have a boy he can be a bat or moth.

Girls Butterfly Halloween Costume Materials

Here's what you will need;
  • Sheer Curtains, sting & safety pings
  • Pipe cleaners and cotton balls
  • Assorted fabric paint
  • Unicolor shirt/slacks

Assembling the Butterfly Costume

Cut a piece of sheer fabric to fit the height and arm width of your child. Use fabric paints to color the butterfly wings as desired.

Once dry, using fabric glue, attach the string to the top edge of the wings. For the antennae, use pipe cleaners and colored cotton balls to make a set of antennae.

When it is time to assemble the costume, pin the top of the wings across the shoulders and down the arms. Pin the bottom of the wings to each leg. (Be sure it is loose as you don't want them to trip!)

Here's what it looks like when finished;

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Girl -- Butterfly

Homemade Boys' Costume

Often you see boys wear sports uniforms instead of making homemade Halloween costumes for themselves. If that is your case, just go with it and consider yourself lucky! If you do have a boy who wants to be something else, my favorite is a pirate.

Pirate Costume Materials

  • Dad's or Mom's Old white shirt, Dark Pants and optionally a dark vest.
  • Scissors, Black material, red material.
  • Costume Makeup

The key here is the shirt. It should look puffy or overly large. Depending on the size of your child, you can do this with an adult or older sibling.

To make the hat, the black material can be wrapped around the head as a head scarf or use pins to create a hat. You can optionally use a red handkerchief depending on the size of you child's head.

The red sash is cut from a strip of cloth and tied around the waist. Use makeup to dirty up the face.

Optional Accessories

  • Eye Patch - Black cardboard and an rubber band
  • Sword - PVC pipe, cardboard or wood painted black or gray
  • Parrot - Cardboard cutout or stuffed animal attached to the shoulder

Here's a sample along with a couple others including a ninja...also and easy one to make from things around the house.

More Kids Homemade Costume Ideas

Well, these are examples of some easy to make homemade Halloween costumes for kids and adults alike. I do have one other favorite but I'm saving that for it's own page. It is probably the easiest homemade costume ideas I ever came up with and it does not take a lot of time or prep to make.

Of course I'm always looking for new ideas to share. If you have a favorite, why not share your best homemade Halloween costumes in the favorite Halloween costume idea contest held here online. Add a picture and see if you can be crowned this years champion.

Past Contest Winners

2010 Homemade Halloween Costume Contest Winner Be sure to check out past winners for ideas and submit your own if you think you have something unique, creative or just fun that you'd like to share with others and most importantly have a wonderful, safe and happy Halloween!

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