Homemade Gifts to Make

If you want to leave an impression on someone here are some homemade gifts to make that will do just that... leave a lasting impression.

Food Gifts

There are so many home baked goods that make wonderful gifts. It isn't limited to just brownies and cookies. Though who can say no to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies there are other option. Who doesn't love fresh home made breads, cakes and pies. What about ice cream? Some jelly or jams? Fruit preserves?

The list goes on. Everyone has their specialty. If you don't, you can get things premixed and all you do is add an egg and some water and bake. Add your special touch like putting peanut butter chips into some brownies or swirls of white chocolate on top when they come out of the oven before they cool. Even if it is premixed in the store, that extra touch makes it personalized.

Gift Baskets

The possibilities are endless with gift baskets, it can be anything from food like above to golf or sports related for a guy or filled with Barbies and her accessories for a small girl? The limit here is only in your creativity. What about gift cards mixed in with some homemade goods?

Back To School Gift Basket

The emphasis is on putting it together yourself. Make it fit your personality and show the person receiving it that you know what they like.

Other Ideas

You can do other things for other occasions, like end of the year teacher gifts , high school graduation gift ideas , teen gifts like boyfriend gifts or girlfriend gifts. You can even make gag gifts . Some of these are the most creative and funniest gifts ever. How about a hanging planter made of wood scraps and decorated with flowers.

Hanging Planters

Want something for Grandparents? How about a homemade calendar with drawings from the grand kids. You could also make a coloring calendar for your 5 year old.

There of course are other occasions like back to school , or getting a drivers license. Basically anything that is cause for celebration is also an opportunity for a personal or homemade gift. One of my favorites was a birthday where my wife made me butterscotch brownies.

Easy Blondie Recipe

They did not last long but they sure were good!

The point is to add something to smaller things that you buy. Add that personal homemade touch. Show the person receiving the gift that you cared enough to take the extra time to personalized their gift. You don't have to make it from scratch but you do need to put in some thought and heartfelt effort. For all of these homemade gifts to make, the reward of your time and effort will be memorable gift treasured by whomever receives it!

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