Homemade Gifts in a Jar

Homemade gifts in a jar are kind of a retro present. The concept is to put something in an old fashion preserving jar that can either contain the present or be the elements of something that is later combined to make something like food. However you can always get creative and branch out beyond the ordinary.

Christmas Gift Jar

This is the most traditional gift in a jar item. Christmas cookies, candies and other holiday treats are easily put into a jar. The jar can be painted and decorated with holiday ornaments.

Easily my favorite Christmas gift in a jar is homemade liquor. I have put my homemade limoncello in a jar and given it away at Christmas to friends and relatives to almost everyones delight. Makes for a fun easy gift full of holiday cheer.

Gift Jar Recipes

Instead of giving cooked goods, sometimes people put together the elements of a baked recipe. These are called food gifts in a jar. Examples could be the flour, sugar and chocolate chips to bake chocolate chip cookies. How about some premixed brownie mix? Oatmeal cookies or for the Christmas gift, sugar cookies or ginger snaps. Dried fruits? You get the idea.

Other Gift Jar Ideas

You can of course put other things in jars and give them as gifts. My favorite idea is back to school gifts for the kids or grand kids. The jar is not only the packing item but becomes a convenient storage place so they won't lose all the school supplies!

Back to School Gift Ideas

The idea is to make something that everyone would love, put it in a jar that can be decorated appropriate to the occasion. Your gift will stand out and well the jar is reusable!

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