Homemade Gag Gifts

Homemade gag gifts can be fun if done in the right spirit. I've been both the giver and the 'victim' of some pretty good homemade gag gifts.

Some start out as gag gifts but end up being valuable. For instance, when I turned 40 a friend of mine gave me a Manny Ramirez Bobble Head. Probably going to be worth something some day to some collector but it was given to me as a gag because I liked the Red Sox! Anyway, here are some of the old standby's and at the end I'll share a couple of my favorites.

Of course if you have something better, please feel free to share!

Old Standby's

Most of these can be found in a bunch of places on the internet. I make no claim to being unique in that aspect but here is a collection of some of the old standby homemade gag gifts.

All Natural Organic Bubble Bath

In a small baggie, fill with dried beans and some instructions to prepare and eat the beans. Do so approximately one hour before bathing.

Hillbilly Potpourri

Combine the following in a small baggy:

  • beer tabs
  • peanut shells
  • spent shell cartridges
  • beer caps
  • toothpicks

Donut Seeds

Take a baggie and put Cheerios in it with instructions to plant in a 5' hole 5' apart. Wait 10 years for full maturity.

Weather Rock

Simply create a sign with the following instructions:

Place rock in yard within view of a close by window

  • Rock is wet means it's raining.
  • Rock is white, it's snowing.
  • Rock is dry means it's nice out.
  • Rock is not visible means it is night or foggy
  • Rock is tipped over means there is a hurricane...Get out of there!

Melted Snowman

In a glass jar, fill with water, 2 lumps of coal, black buttons, and a carrot. Add a label that says "Snowman in a Jar - Just add cold." It is one of the better winter homemade gag gifts,

Toy Not Included

Of course there is the old joke of giving gifts with the "batteries not included". How about switching it around, wrap some batteries nicely, and include a little note saying "toy not included"

Super Expert Jigsaw Puzzle

Put a bag of sawdust and some glitter of different colors in a box. Make sure you put a nice painting or photo on the front of the box, to get their hopes up.

Unfinished Build Your Own Furniture

Put an acorn in a bag, with instructions to plant and cut down in 40 years or so and make some furniture

Kind of Offensive

Gum, mouthwash or how about a stick of deodorant? That will make a great gag gift statement.

Getting' Old Gag Gifts

Got to a crafts shop and get one one of those foam wreaths. Glue 50 lollipops on it. Take black ribbon and with sparkle glue pen print "50 Sucks!" and wrap it around the wreath.

Get a t-shirt printed with something like:* When did my wild oats turn into shredded wheat?" or

* Learn from the Turtle - If Life is a Race, the Winner is the Last to Finish!

Maxi Pad Slippers

  • Soft, comfortable and hygienic
  • Built in odor absorption to keep feet smelling fresh
  • Doubles as a mop to clean up spills
  • Environmentally safe and easily disposable


Sometimes homemade gag gifts aren't so much about the fit as the presentation. Here are a couple of ideas to give that real gift a gag gift twist.

Empty Box

One year for Christmas I got a gift from my brother. It was a clothing kind of box but it was kind of light. I figured it was just a gift certificate in a big box or something. Well I opened it and it was 100% empty. He said a few cuss words to himself and went into his room and found me the shirt he bought. Well you could certainly do this yourself on purpose as well. Here are some other homemade Christmas gag gift ideas you could do yourself.

Make'em Want It

Another variant is the box within the box within the box, but probably my favorite would be the Fort Knox approach. This is where try wrap a regular gift in like 10 layers of paper, duct tape, string, cardboard, etc. I personally like the packing tape with the strings wrapped both ways. For a real flair if you have time you could layer wax, enamel spray paint or a coat of epoxy...but that's bordering on cruel.

My Top Two Favorites.

Safety Undies

I had a buddy who worked with radioactive materials so when he graduated from college we got some lead sinkers, pounded them flat and glued them to a jock strap. It was hilarious.

A variant of the same thing is odor free undies. The impact is kind of the opposite because it protects unknowing passers by. Get a pair of undies and an odor eater. Cut out a section in the back side and replace it with parts of the odor eater and Voila! you have a filtration system to keep yourself odor free... now what you do to mask the sound is up to you!

Bull Crap Protectors

Everyone knows that guy who knows everything or had done it better. You get tired of kicking the crap out of him and telling him to shut up. Here's the solution...bull crap protectors. In college a bunch of us got some old headphones and pasted little stickers of bulls on the sides. We waited for the moment of truth and when he spoke, we all put on our bull crap protectors.

Now you can make your own, with a cutout piece of foam and a slit to fit over your ears, you can have your own. Just don't use them on your boss or teacher!

There you have it. A starter list of homemade gag gifts for almost any occasion. Have fun!

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