Homemade Christmas Ornaments To Make

As a Craft with Kids or a Gift to Give

Here are some homemade Christmas ornaments to make as gifts or for yourself. They are easy to make and terrific family project for anyone with young kids. So let's get going!

Ornament Supplies

To do this you will needs some plastic empty bulbs and anything you can think of that would be fun for kids to use to decorate and shows some Christmas Spirit! Below you can see we also have glue and assorted ribbon to do some finishing touches.

Homemade Christmas Ornament Supplies

Some suggests might include;

  • Glitter
  • Tinsel
  • Christmas Colored beads
  • Paint

Filling the Ornaments

The next step in creating your Homemade Christmas Ornaments, to make them sparkle, glimmer and say Merry Christmas through your decorations.

We do this a couple of ways, obviously if your youngster is good with a paint brush you can easily paint Christmas related objects on the bulb.

In many cases your little one may lack the skill to paint on a round surface. Here are 3 ideas to help you out.

Fill with Christmas Color

In this process, you have beads that are red, green and white. Simply remove the lid of the ornament and fill the ornament with those Christmas colors.

Homemade Ornament Fillings

Homemade Filled Christmas Ornaments

This will give you a simple and colorful ornament. Vary the colors by throwing in some gold and silver.

Once you are finished, replace the lid, glue it shut, let dry and put a small loop of ribbon to allow for the ornament to be hung from the tree.

Filled with Sparkle and Tinsel

In the next example, the idea is for your homemade Christmas ornaments to make a splash or sparkle and all you need is some tinsel. Simply remove the lid again and this time stuff tinsel, either crumpled up loosely or in clumps.

Tinsel Christmas Ornament

Again, after you have filled your homemade ornament, simply glue the top and attach a ribbon.

You can vary either of these with cut strips of Christmas ribbon, last years Christmas cards cut up like confetti, (use a colorful card and a paper shredder.) or anything else that reminds your child of Christmas.

Coated Christmas Ornament

Here's another treatment for your Christmas Ornament. Put some glitter on a plate, paint your bulb with white school glue and roll the ornament in glitter.

Homemade Glitter Christmas Ornaments

You can leave the ornament empty and let the glitter be the ornament or combine it with one of the filled techniques. Either way you have wonderful and simple homemade Christmas ornament to make with your kids that I'm sure any Grandparent would enjoy receiving for a gift.

Final Thought

Of course you can combine any of these ideas. Create your own special ornaments and paint the year it was created on the bottom. Collect them over the years and enjoy the memories.

Merry Christmas!

Almost Forgot!

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