Homemade Christmas Gifts

Make Something That Will Last A Lifetime

When you give homemade Christmas gifts, you are giving of yourself and when done properly they are more valuable than store bought gifts. The trick is to make it personal and unique.

It doesn't matter if it is cheap, for a guy or gal. If you make it personal, it means you need to know the person, their likes and dislikes.

Christmas Jar

Why a Homemade a Gift?

Store bought gifts can be very personal. Knowing someone and finding the perfect gift can be a lot of work. Ultimately that gift is going to be used by the person and in time they may or may not remember who made it or even who or where they got it.
Gifts Under Tree

Give a homemade Christmas gift and there is a good likelihood that that person will not forget who made it or when the got it. For one, hardly anyone makes gifts these days. That along will make you stand out.

Homemade gifts also require time and effort. You are giving something of yourself. That is part of what makes the gift special. Here's a simple one, haven't you ever thought... What can I do with used Christmas Cards? Find the answers in these pages and here's a clue...plenty and these gifts are not only homemade but simple and fun!

Why Don't People Give Homemade Gifts?

There is one reason people don't do things...fear. It is universal. In this case people are afraid it won't be nice enough or it won't seem like you care because you did not spend a lot of money.

Christmas Ideas

For Christmas, there are two roads you can take, make someone a holiday related gift that you can give to a multiple number of people like a Christmas stocking, a gift basket or an easy to make Christmas Ornament.

Personalized Christmas Stocking

You could get creative and figure out something about the person you are giving the gift to, put some thought into it, do some research and build a gift that will last for ever.

Food is always a great option. Make something and put it on something you decorate or paint. Make it personal. The work is in the thought and creativity. That will make it special and unique and treasured for a lifetime.

More Ideas with Instructions

Here are some ideas that anyone can make for Christmas;

This is just a start but it should give you some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

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