Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Coming up with homemade Christmas gift ideas can be both an economical and creative adventure. Homemade doesn't have to reek "cheap" or inexpensive it can be supercool or super thoughtful. It can be supercool and super affordable... However, just because a Christmas gift is homemade doesn't mean it has to be inexpensive. In fact, you can go all out and put together an over the top gift too. It all depends on the theme and your budget!

Theme gifts are a great way to combine creativity and thoughtfulness into a present.

Ideas to Think About

Think about the person you're giving the gift to. What do they like? What is their hobby? What is their favorite food, hobby or past time? If you don't know them well share a bit of yourself and give what you like especially if its food or comfort items which work for most any age or gender.

Example Themes

Great homemade Christmas gift ideas can be based on themes. Some of these themes might include: Sports such as golf, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, soccer etc) or a favorite team, health nut, food lover, gourmet, new parent, big sister, big brother, collegebound, young grad, newlyweds, career ambitions, bookworm, movie lover, history buff, artist, organization help, traveler, new in the neighborhood, bride to be, romantic, friendship, jokester, gambler... You get the picture.

More Ideas

Here are some of my other favorite homemade Christmas gift ideas based on the receiver. Some are simple others are more complex but each will leave some you care about with a smile that will last a long time.

Gifts for Youngsters

Youngsters are easy as they just enjoy the fun of opening gifts. For the crafty people you can make mittens/hats if you know how to knit, stuffed animals if you know how to sew or toys like a hobby horse of you are handy with wood.

If you are not as crafty, you can probably make some homemade blocks and paint them or how about two pieces of chain and a board to make a swing? Get creative.

Gifts for Teens

Teens are a little harder. For girls you can do the candle and chocolate thing. For the guys, I suggest food. Make something home made and wrap it up. Teenagers are constantly eating. Make your best recipe and put a bow on it.

Gifts for Adults

Again, I'd go with the candles and food for either but as an adult you can add wine or spirits to enhance the Christmas Spirit. You can also look at making an ornament with a yearly theme or a scrapbook.

Don't Forget Packaging

Packaging sets the mood and showcases the gift. Do you have any packaging items at home that you can use? Baskets? Jars? Bottles? Colorful gift bags? If not, affordable places to get packaging items include the Dollar Bins at Target, Big Lots, Walmart, Wallgreens, Dollar Tree, 99 Only and other discount stores.


You can also just do Christmas as a theme in itself, great homemade Christmas ornaments ideas follow along with some ideas for store bought but "homemade put together ideas" as well as great themes such as a classic Christmas book or movie and a homemade jar of hot cocoa mix (just add hot water or warm milk - yum!) The idea is to keep it fun and simple. Make it memorable.

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