How to Make a Homemade Calendar

A homemade calendar is a gift that can be made by anyone with access to a few computer tools, some paper and a color printer. I little cut/paste and some imagination and voila you have a calendar. The fun part is deciding a theme or style.

Who Needs A Calendar?

Everyone needs a calendar, it is the personalization that makes it special...

  • Think Grandparents, maybe with colored pictures by the grand kids or pictures of the family?
  • How about making all those pictures you took last year on the Alaskan vacation into a calendar?
  • Maybe taking last years school projects and making a calendar for dad's shop?
  • How about a learning calendar for your 5 year old with a different blank drawing to color each month.
You get the idea. Let your imagination and knowledge of the intended recipient be your guide.

What You Need to Begin

You will need access to a computer and color printer. Some paper and an ability to print out documents on 60 lb card stock. A hole puncher, a stapler and some yarn or colorful string.

Oh and you will also need to have access to the Internet because you will need to download your preprinted calendars.

Here are some other sites that may be helpful;
For Free Pictures online -
To Edit those pictures -
For Free Coloring templates -

Designing Your Homemade Calendar

For simplicity, we are going to make a children's calendar for a 5 year old boy. We will make it a coloring calendar so each month he gets to color something new. To do this we will need 13 sheets of paper and 13 drawings. One for each month and the cover.

Since we will be printing on both sides of the page, we need to lay it out. Here's the format for images on top of the month:

Front Side Back Side
Page 1 Cover January's Picture
Page 2 January Calendar February's Picture
Page 3 February Calendar March's Picture
Page 4 March Calendar April's Picture

and so on...

Production Time

The first step is to go to the preprinted calendar site and grab the 2010 calendar. There you need to select the style, type, color and format of your calendar.

Now if you are good with image tools or you can work with Excel files there are many more options available to you. You can resize and create different formats. Personalize the calendar with family dates to remember and more...but for those who want simplicity, the best bet is to print what you see.

Time to Print Pictures

In this case we are printing coloring templates. If you need images, there are plenty online. Just read the terms of use. Since this is not for commercial gain, it is just a homemade gift, you have a greater number of options available to you.

Childrens Calendar

If you need some image processing on the pictures before you print them, try There are a great number of tools to resize, enhance, and otherwise process your images.

You will need about a ¾ inch border so we can bind the calendar. Since this is a 5 year old boy, I'd go with something like Batman!

Since this picture is my January picture, referring back to the table, it goes on the the back side of my cover page. Next following the table, print the rest of the images being careful to leave about a ¾ inch border.

Time to Bind and Finish

Now it is time to put the finishing touches on the homemade calendar. Organize the pages so they are in order. Now if you wish you can staple the edge together at the top to bind the calendar or you can get a little fancy with some string/rope and a hole punch.

I'm going to staple. Draw yourself a light guide mark with a pencil to staple along a straight line. Be sure to pre-bend the calendar so it opens properly.

The final touch is to punch one more hole in the center bottom of the page to hang the calendar and you are done! Wrap it up with a bow and you have yourself a homemade calendar. Great gift for dad, small kids, a grand parent, or anyone special in your life.

Final Touches

If you are good with computers you can add little personal notes, famous quotes, funny sayings or other personalized touches to make that homemade calendar even more special. Be creative, have fun and most importantly, make it something the receiver will remember for a long time.

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