SoCool Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

The coolest homemade boyfriend gift ideas include things that interest him. Know your guy and make the gift. It is just that simple.

Here's an example for a guy who likes baseball and has a summer birthday. Put together a package that includes things for his favorite team.

The Game Package

How about a game package that includes some gear, a couple of tickets to a game and snacks he can eat at the game. Wrap it up in a basked and you are good to go.

First gather the items,

MLB tickets, Guy gift, boyfriend gift

Boyfriend Gift Items

Next place the items in the basket such that you can see everything in the package;

MLB ticket basket, boyfriend gift Basket

Boyfriend Gift Basket Idea

Finally using colored or clear saran wrap and a ribbon, cover the basket and tie it up;

MLB baseball gift basket, boyfriend gift ideas

Ready to Give Boyfriend Gift Basket

This will be a cool and welcomed surprise to your boyfriend. Another sports related variation might be a collectibles package. For instance,

Sports Collectible Basket

First collect a number of sports related collectibles for his favorite sports team.

MLB Collectible Items

MLB Collectible Items

Next we put the items in a basket or in this case a basket that can be reused to carry DVD's or CD's and;

MLB Collectible Basket

MLB Collectible Gift Basket

You get the picture, there are countless other ideas, that doe not need to be sports related. Find an interest and make a basket around it but make it fun and personal.

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