Homemade Birthday Gifts

The biggest surprise for anyone might just be homemade birthday gifts. For me personally, I have had many many birthdays. Some are memorable because of where we went (to see the Red Sox play!) or where I was, (Washington DC, water skiing in Lake Oroville) or just the occasion (a surprise 40th my wife threw me where I sung a duet of Crazy Train with an Ozzy look-alike when I turned 41! )

Now don't get me wrong, when it comes to gifts, I have also gotten a number of wonderful gifts but if I had to pick out one that stands out the most, it is a scrapbook my mom put together when I was 16.

She took all my clippings from the newspaper, some report cards, pictures of when I was small. There was even a small clipping of my first haircut.

Now was there anything in there that was worth a lot of money? No. It was all the sentimental stuff. I pull it out every couple of years. It is truly the most memorable birthday gifts I have ever received.

Why Not a Homemade Gift?

I'll bet if you think the gifts people have given you, some are memorable others have faded in the past. I'll also bet if someone took the time and thought to make you something homemade, you still remember it even if you don't have it or it is used up. So the question begs why don't people give homemade birthday gifts more often?

My theory is two things and this is based solely on myself. Time and fear. These days we don't have the time to spend thinking and creating something homemade or personalized, even for the special people in our lives like a wife, the new guy in your life or even a best friend. Don't worry, I'm not chastising you, I'm guilty too.

The second reason is fear. The biggest de-motivator in life itself. It isn't going to be good enough. It won't be as good as something I could buy. They will think I couldn't buy something nice etc. Again guilty too.

Now of course there are just times when you need to buy a gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, son, husband, boyfriend or just friend. The key is, if you can't make it, personalize it. Let that person know you know them like nobody else does.

How to Make That Special Gift

Well fear and time be cursed. We are hear to help. That is part of why we are making this site. If we get the creative juices flowing with some ideas and examples, the hope is you will find something that you can make for that truly special person in your life. Whether it is a first birthday, an 18th, 21st or 50th, why not give them something they will never forget.

Special Gift Occasions

Here are some more ideas for other occasions.

Also if by chance you are throwing a party don't forget the homemade party favors. It will give the party that little personalized touch!

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