Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

When considering homemade baby shower gifts, there are about 4 different general categories of gifts.

Some requires special skills like sewing or knitting. Others require creativity and a flair for design. Still others merely require time and effort. Each will be remembered for the thought and energy involved in giving the gift to mom and the new baby.

Baby Gift Baskets

The first category of homemade baby shower gifts is a gift basket with all the necessary items babies go through.

The only limits are your budget and creativity. The concept is to create a basket with many of the items a mom and baby would need during that first year. Typical items can include;

  • Layette set
  • Diaper (cloth or disposable and not just for newborns)
  • Changing table pads
  • Crib sheets
  • Bibs
  • Pacifiers
  • Rattles
  • Stuffed toys
  • Teething rings
  • Lullaby CD's
  • Towels and Wash Clothes
  • Onesies (One piece underwear)
  • booties
  • Baby robe
  • Infant Clothing
  • diaper rash ointment
  • powder

Other useful items that are not as typical but still useful include;

  • first aid kits,
  • nail clippers,
  • book on child proofing
  • electrical plug covers
  • growth chart,
  • gift certificate for baby pictures,
  • U.S. Government Bonds
  • Silver Spoon
  • learning DVD's/CD's (think baby Einstein)
  • subscription to a baby magazine
  • baby tylenol
  • oragel

Now don't limit yourself to a basket as the container. You could fill a diaper pale with items and decorate it with ribbon and bows. Both practical and fun. Who wouldn't love it!

Diaper Cake - This is trendy and popular homemade baby shower gift. It is basically a type of gift basket albeit without the basket!. It uses diapers and baby sundries to create a towered wedding-type 'cake' of sorts. The 'cake' contains the same things as above but in the form of a cake.

Here's the basic formula for making the cake.

  1. Pick a baby or shower related theme - boy/girl/fun/serious
  2. Get lots of diapers and roll them up and secure them with a clear rubber band.
  3. Use a large sturdy item like a baby bottle or a lotion bottle at the center. This acts as a main support in the middle.
  4. Stack the rolled up diapers around the main support piece until a large ring is formed.
  5. Tie ribbon or use a large rubber band to keep them in place.
  6. Repeat for second layer and if desired a third.
  7. Use ribbon and bows to secure and decorate with items from list above!

font size="4" Color="darkblue">You will be the hit of the party and your host will enjoy having such a creative center piece for the table.

Needles, Sewing & Knitting

If you are a person who is handy with a needle, there is a world of possibilities. From sewing embroidery, or knitting or crocheting, the world of homemade baby shower gifts is open to you. Here are some items for you to consider;

  • Baby Clothes
  • Blanket/afghan/quilt
  • knit baby hats , mittens or booties
  • Hooded towel
  • Framed needle point
  • Burp cloths or nursing cover
  • Stuffed Dolls and plush toys

If you don't know how to make things like this, take a class. Crocheting is a teachable skill and you can probably learn enough to make an very nice blanket in a 4 week class. The memory of your handmade baby shower gift will be for a lifetime and the mom will love it.

Things for Mom

Now I'm a guy so I can only tell you from observing my wife but sometimes the best way to make baby happy is to make momma happy. My wife was a real trooper and did not complain but there were times when I could tell she need something extra. Well a shower is a perfect time to give something to the Mom that she will need or want after baby is born.

Back to the basket theme you could play off the diaper brand and pamper the mom as well as the baby's bottom. You know soaps, lotions, bubbles and all the sundry items that helps mom relax for just a minute.

How about a comfy pair of slippers, a new nightgown or a gift certificate for a facial or massage.

One last suggestion, after the baby has come there is always that first night out for Mom and Dad without the baby. You could offer to watch little baby while Mom and Dad go out for a night. I promise it won't be a long time!

Other Suggestions

Of course there are other things that don't really fit into a categories. Some require skills, others require creativity or a little perseverance. Here's a couple of suggestions.

  • Keepsake Box for baby's treasures
  • Hand painted baby blocks (use baby safe paint)
  • Baby hand/foot casting - You can get a plaster based kit so Mom and Dad can cast a hand/foot print. There are also services available that do this as well.
  • A premade 52 week scrapbook. Take one picture a week for Baby's first year.
  • A baby time capsule. Mom and Dad can collect items for baby's first year, put them in a capsule to be opened at their 16th birthday.

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Hopefully you got some ideas from this list of suggestion for homemade baby shower gifts.

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