Top 5 High School Graduation Gift Ideas

They only graduate once so here are some high school graduation gift ideas for that special grad in your life and how to decide which is the best type of gift.


Money is the most common and probably the easiest gift to give any teenager no matter what the reason. Suggested amounts vary but

Money For High School Graduation Gift

the shopping part is completely eliminated. It also makes sense if you know that grad is saving money for something special.

One way to make the money gift into one of the more unique graduation gift ideas is to give it to them in the form of a visa gift card for like an emergency fund or just give them one of the tried and true gift cards like an I-Tunes gift card. You can't go wrong with music for most teens.

College Bound Gifts

The next type of grad gift is related to heading to college. This can be anything from a freshman survival guide to a dorm room necessities package. If you know where your grad is going to college you could get a sweatshirt with the University logo.

This type of gift is also a pretty easy thing to pick up because most college freshman are living in dorms. They have the clothes on their back and not much else.

If you want to make it one of those homemade graduation gifts that includes some personalization, start with a cheap laundry basket and fill it with stuff any college freshman will need. You'll be golden and if your not the parent, they will love you too!


Now this type of gift is one of the more popular high school graduation gift ideas amongst the recipients. Entertainment


tools like an Apple I-touch or one of the mini netbook computers that you can pick up for less than $200. A little research on the computer can do worlds of good.

Experiential Gifts

Traditionally this is thought of the trip to Europe. Backpacking through the countrysides of France, German and

Europe Graduation Gift

wherever life takes them. It doesn't have to be that extravagant.

For example, Greyhound has a Discover pass program where you can buy a ticket that will take you anywhere you want to go for 7-30

Greyhound Bus Gift Pass

days. Just pack the bags and go! See the United States. It is a lot cheaper than sending them to Europe!


The fifth and final type of high school graduation gift ideas we have for you is related to memories. Remember when you graduated high school? It was a scary thing. You did not know how life was going to change but it was going to change.

Class Ring Gift for High School

Capture some of those memories, with things like a class ring, a party for the Grad's friends, pay for the class trip etc. If you are particularly gifted you can create a scrapbook or a DVD with slides and videos of you grad as they go through the years.

If you can't do it yourself and you have some pictures and videos, there are companies that can put one together for you.

Tip If you live near a community college, you could probably put up a notice and get yourself a student familiar with media arts and pay them to put one together for you!

Final Thoughts

Your son/daughter/niece/nephew/brother/sister/friend will on have one high school graduation. Gift ideas that either lock in those memories or add to the experience will be treasured for a lifetime. If you are stuck try money but if you have some time, look at the experiential or memories ideas again.

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