Modern Hanging Planters

Modern looking hanging planters are simple creative and unique gifts. It is especially great for those people on your list who seem to have everything. It is also one of the better housewarming gift ideas.

It doesn't have to be a gift either. It could just be a craft, a home improvement project or a specialized Christmas decoration.


In this example we'll show you a hanging planter in the shape of a sphere. It is made up of bits of wood and uses glue for fastening. It can be made of scrap wood. Painted and filled with real plants or silk/artificial flowers.


Below is a picture of the individual pieces used to build the planter. It uses a series of blocks and strips of wood. They are assembled in a geometric dome shape. Here is an example of the components used in a 12" geoplanter.

Hanging Planter Components


Once you have the pieces, next is the assembly process. The strips of wood are inserted in the blocs and glued. One by one a shape begins to form. Take care in assembling.

Once assembled and dried you can paint or stain the unit. An example of a fully assembled unit is show below.

Hanging Planter

Hang and Decorate The Planter

Not it is time to decorate and hang your planter. The hanging can be done with about anything. If you want an invisible look you can use fishing line or you can use a decorative chain. The choice is up to you.

As far as decorations go, you can chose from artificial plants if you want to keep the planter indoors. If you want to have it out doors, your choices are wide open, but keep it light.

Here are some examples of how it might look decorated and hanging in a home.

Decorated Hanging Planter

Decorated Hanging Planters

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