Fun & Spooky Halloween Gift Ideas

Looking for some Halloween gift ideas? How about some tricks and homemade Halloween treats or do it yourself costume ideas for you or the kids? Got a party to go to? Want to bring a gift in a spooky Halloween gift bag or your special Ghoulish dish? Then you have found the right place!

Halloween Gift Bags

Want to bring some treats to the party in some gift bags? How about giving out treats? Wouldn't a small homemade gift bag be the perfect compliment to your spooky homemade treats? Flying_Witch Here's a simple suggestion that can get you thinking...use one of those plastic gloves. Fill each fingertip with a candy corn and stuff some trail mix or Chex mix to fill out the hand and you have yourself a creepy Halloween gift bag and treat.

It will leave both kids and grownups delighted with your creativity and a little frightened until they figure out what it is.

Halloween Gift Basket

If you want to take it to the next level, there is always a gift basket for every occasion. A Halloween gift basket is something that is a great hit at parties. Start with one of those plastic pumpkins and fill it with your favorite themed treats and gifts. Some examples might include, witches fingers, blood cups and spider cookies.

The fun part is the wrapping. If you wrap in plastic, use a colored plastic but first ink stamp some spiders on the plastic. Turn it stamp side down and wrap the pumpkin. It will look like spiders are crawling all over your homemade Halloween treat basket.

Homemade Treats

After Halloween is over, what to do with all those pumpkins? How about some delicious pumpkin bread. This little treat is great for wrapping sliced and bringing to a Halloween party for one of the easier to do Halloween gift ideas that will surely please a host. Best of all, it can be given all the way through Thanksgiving. Here's a final little is delicious and a little bit healthy!

Halloween Wreaths

Another snazzy gift idea is to make a Halloween wreath.

Halloween Fall Wreaths

The best part is, this is one of those Halloween gift ideas that it is easily convertible into a fall wreath by simply removing the center piece. It is a gift that can be used from October until it is time to hang the Christmas Wreath on the front door.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Costumes for Halloween

What Halloween themed page would not be complete with out mentioning some ideas on homemade Halloween costumes. The imagination is the limit here. Some of my best ideas are the last minute ones like the toilet or the golf trophy. Just look around you and figure out what you have available to yourself and go for it.

One of my favorite last minute ideas also turned out to be the easiest homemade Halloween costumes ever. You will be surprised what you come up with.

You could go with the political if it is one of those election years. You could be funny like a clown or fun and brave dressed in your favorite super hero costume.

Adults, sometimes you can be vampy or spooky sexy. Maybe you go back to your childhood and dress as your favorite super hero from days gone by. Or simply pick out something from a favorite movie like Star Wars or Indiana Jones and dress as a character. The possibilities are endless. Have fun and use the imagination.

Final Thoughts on Halloween Gift Ideas

Halloween is not just about the costumes and treats. It is about giving. So take these Halloween gift ideas, treats and costumes and have some fun. Give out treats and enjoy the night disguised as someone else.

Finally, if you come up with a great Halloween costume, why not share it with the world! Let everyone know how creative you are. How do you do it? Submit your idea to our costume ideas contest page and get yourself published.

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