Halloween Costume Contest Winner 2010

Let's say congrats to the Halloween Costume Contest Winner 2010 and thanks for all the entries. It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to make your own costume. There are lots of retail costumes easily purchased.

Making something home made takes commitment time and talent...but it's also rewarding and fun. It provides memories and a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, we celebrate those who take the time and effort into making their own costumes.

In that spirit, it is time to name the 2010 winner for the SoCoolGifts Homemade Halloween Costume Contest. After reviewing the entries it came down to the final 2 which were Judge Family school of Fish and the Aang Avatar.

Judge School of Fish

Any time you have twins and triplets within 3 years, you have the makings of a story. That can be a basketball team or a hockey team in need of a goalie.

A school of fish is also a great touch. Love the creativity and who can't love a family with 5 kids only 2 years apart. Terrific Entry.

Aang Avatar

This one was quite creative as well. I was also very unique. I do love the creativity and attention to detail. The flying staff was quite an exotic plot.

However the clincher was a young boy who'd let someone shave his head for a costume. Now that is all out commitment to a costume and a character. Terrific homemade Halloween costume.

2010 Contest Winner

Drum roll please...... And the winner is Aang Avatar, the Last Airbender. Congrat's Tonya and her son. Whenever you go up against triplets and twins you are facing stiff competition. I love the attention to detail and the all out commitment of shaving a head. Congrats to the 2010 SoCoolGifts Homemade Halloween Costume Contest winner.

2010 Homemade Halloween Costume Contest Winner

So take this as an inspiration to create your own costume. Let your imagination and creativity run wild. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with in 2011.

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