Gift Bag Ideas

Here are some gift bag ideas to make you homemade or personalized gift even more personal and cherished.

A gift bag can be used for anything from clothes to gift cards. In this example, we'll show you how to make a simple Christmas gift bag for a gift card, jewelery or something small.

The Pieces

All you need to start is a small bag, some ribbon, and some tissue paper. Color to coordinate based on occasion or season.

Homemade gift bag

The Assembly

Next take the ribbon and curl it for effect. Tie the ribbon around the bag. If desired you can add multiple pieces. Place the colored tissue paper inside and if desired you can further decorate with glitter, snow or other seasonal effects.

Christmas Gift Bag Assembly

Finished Product

Here's what the finished product might look like. With the matching ribbon and tissue, you have yourself a holiday themed bag with a personal home made touch!

Christmas Gift Bag

Now all you need to do is place your gift card in side or whatever you have selected and you are done.

Of course this is only one of many gift bags that can be created by you...the gift giver. The holidays, themes and colors give you an infinite number of possibilities. Make yours personal and it will be memorable.

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