First Anniversary Gift Ideas

First anniversary gift ideas are suggested to be made of paper or some type of clock. It is accepted that being married just a year, couples are still considered newlyweds. So when that first anniversary happens, it is important that the gift be memorable. So how then should a newly wed seek out gifts to make that first anniversary memorable.

Traditional First Anniversary Paper Gift

There are a couple of ideas for the traditional paper gift. For instance, you can give a book, scrapbook, tickets to a show, pictures, a love letter and so fourth. Each are based on paper and make wonderful gifts.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas Paper

Unframed Calligraphy of Vows

For my self, I was stumped. I wasn't clever enough to think of these but I happened to see something written in calligraphy and it gave me an idea.

Since we had a copy of our wedding vows on video, I played the tape to get the exact words we used in our vows. It took those words to a calligrapher who put to paper our vows and I had it framed. That gift still hangs on the wall in our bedroom.

Here's what it looks like framed on our wall;

First Anniversary Gift Ideas Framed, paper anniversary gift idea

Framed 1st Anniverary Paper

Modern First Anniversary Clock Gift

For a modern gift you can go a number of ways. You could get a wall clock, a desk clock, a cuckoo clock or a set of his and her watches.

You can personalized these with an inscription, wedding date or a romantic quote. The choice is yours.

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