Easy Fall Wreaths You Can Make Yourself

Making fall wreaths for friends and family is a simple task you can do yourself. It makes a great gift and can easily be used throughout the autumn.

Fall Wreaths for Front Door

With a simple addition of a pumpkin, ghost, vampire or Black Cat, you can give it a spooky Halloween look and give it as a gift to your Halloween party host.

Parts For Fall Wreath

Most of the parts you need can be found at most craft stores like a Jo Ann fabric & Craft Store or a Micheal's and even maybe an oriental trading company. Any place where they sell craft supplies and carry some of the seasonal items like fall leafs, gourds and grape vine wreaths.

Fall Wreath Parts

Don't forget the center piece. The one's we've chosen are color wood cutouts that come in a kit at many craft stores. Again this is a seasonal item.

Total Cost of all parts including center piece was less than $10.

Fall Wreath Halloween Center Piece Parts

Assembly of Autumn Wreath

Once you've gathered all your parts, time to begin assembly. You will need a glue gun for this part.

First we start with the naked grape vine wreath. The one we used is a 12" vine.

Naked Grape Vine Wreath

It is nothing more than grape vines stripped, dried and molded into a circular wreath shape.

Next using the autumn leaf chords, wrap and glue the leaf vines around the grape vine wreath frame.

Fall Wreath Adding Leaves

Once the leaves have been added, add some plastic gourds using the glue gun. You may have to hold them in place while the glue dries. The gourds need to appropriately sized to hang on the wreath. If they are too large or heavy they will fall off.

Fall Wreath Adding Gourds

While the wreath is drying, switch to the Halloween themed center piece. These are kits with a think piece of wood with a stamped pattern on them. The one shown is a pumpkin and back cat. My 7 year old colored in the picture and we glued some googley eyes to the black cat to make it a little more scary.

Fall Wreath Assemble Halloween Center Piece

Then we punched a small hole in the top and added a piece of wire to attach the center piece to the wreath.

Next use the other end of the wire to loosely hook around the top part of your wreath. This will allow you to have the Halloween themed wreath into a thanksgiving wreath eliminating the need to have multiple fall wreaths.

Gift Wrap

We looked for a number of different solutions to gift wrap this item. The best solution seemed to be a clear plastic bag tied at the top with a ribbon. The picture below shows one of the fall wreaths we made for Halloween last year, bagged and closed with some ribbon.

Fall Wreath Wrapping

Halloween Fall Wreaths

Here's the finished product with the Halloween Center piece hanging in the door. Great for a Halloween gift if you are going to a party or just to give to a grand parent who loves the fall.

Halloween Fall Wreath for Front Door

Of course once Halloween is over you can simply remove the center piece and leave it on your door through Thanksgiving until it is time to put up the Christmas wreath.
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