Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Easy homemade Halloween costumes are the most fun to make. You get joy from the simplicity and creativity of making these types of costumes. Here's the story of one such costume I made many many years ago.

The Need for A Costume Idea

To get you in the right frame of reference, I was going to a Halloween party. Last year I took an old army jacket, didn't shave for a couple days. Messed up my hair, got some awful cigars and a bottle of Jack Daniels and went as the "perfect bad example". Maybe a bit of a reach. Clearly I had nothing at the last minute and just threw something together.

This year was going to be different but I had struck out thus far. The party was at 8pm and it was 4pm and I didn't have a costume. I'll never forget it, I was doing my laundry and it came to me. It was simple, easy and genius!

Materials for Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Here's what you will need....I know I haven't told you what you are making but if you can resist scrolling down, you will see in a minute...

  • Black Shirt, Black Pants
  • White socks, handkerchiefs, 2-4 other pieces of small clean articles of cloth of any color.
  • Aluminum foil, cardboard
  • Safety pins

Step 1 for Easy Halloween Costume

Cut out 4-6 pieces of cardboard in the shape of lightning bolts. Sizes can be both small (~2-3 inches) to large (4-6 inches).

Easy Homemade Halloween Costume suggestion

Next wrap your lightning bolts in small pieces of aluminum foil. Your finished product should look something like the pictures below.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Pinning the Shirt and Pants

The next step is to use the safety pins to attache the lightning bolts and assorted clothing articles to your outfit. As shown below. Do it both on the front side and back side, both shirt and slacks.

Homemade Halloween Costume ideas

Finishing Your Static Cling Halloween Costume

Okay, now you know what the name of my easiest of easy homemade Halloween costumes. It is Static Cling. Yes, when pulling things out of the drier I got shocked a couple times pulling socks from shirts. Ding Ding Ding... Now for the finishing touch. I took a box of Bounce fabric softener cloths. Cut out the face and drew the international "Not" sign through the name and hung it on my back.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costume ideas

When people look at your with funny looks and ask you what you are, you can show them the sign as one final clue before you will have to tell them.

That year I got a number of laughs and won the most creative costume prize and it was really easy to put together!

Got your own favorite costume idea? Share it with us and submit your favorite Halloween Costume idea and share it with the world!

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