Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Looking for some Christmas gift ideas for guys? Here's some easy things you can do if you know your guy at all.

Sports Gift Idea

Many guys love sports. Here's a simple sports related Christmas package for your guy. (In this case, you can also use it for a Superbowl Party!)

Here's some example sports related items,

Football Guy Gifts, Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Football Guy Gift Items

Now put it in a basket and wrap it up. Here's what you'll get;

Football Guy Gift basket, Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Football Guy Gift Basket

This works for golf, hockey, basketball and other sports. Now sports is not the only theme. Guys love all kinds of things. Some other examples might be tools, cars, computers, books etc.

The key is to find something that your guy is passionate about. Not suiting your fancy?

Here are some more conventional ideas;


The latest electronics is always one of the better Christmas gift ideas for guys. Things like digital tablet computers, a solar powered charger, a gps distance and heart rate monitor for the workout warrior or the latest Apple I-Touch;

Automotive & Accessories

There are all kinds of accessories that can go with his car. If he's into his car, here are some terrific ideas including the latest in wiper blade technology, a diagnostic code reader for the do it yourself fixer, a battery charger for the guy who's always prepared and a programmable tire gauge for the guy who has everything!

Sports & Fitness Guy

We've already addressed the sports fan/enthusiast but what about the guy who loves to work out or play sports? Here are some easy suggestions including the all new P90X program, some top of the line workout gloves, a portable elliptical trainer or if he's an outdoors camper an inflatable mattress with built-in pump! Who wouldn't love that...

Still More Ideas

There are still other things that guys love like tools, hunting, clothes and more. Do a quick search and see if you can get some ideas...

Good luck, be creative and have some fun shopping!

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