Blondie Recipe

Scruptious Butterscotch Brownies

My wife concocted a blondie recipe based on the Nancy Drew movie. Why? I asked her to. Now the reason I was watching a Nancy Drew movie is because we have a 7 year old and it was family night...but back to the blondies.

It was nearing my birthday and I didn't really want anything special. When we saw the movie, I asked, if you really want to make it a special day, make me some of those Nancy Drew Blondies. She too me at my word.

Making Butterscotch Brownies

For those who don't know, a blondie is a butterscotch brownie. It uses butterscotch chips mixed with a cookie dough type of batter. Think of a chocolate chip brownie only with no chocolate but butterscotch instead.

Butterscotch Brownies

My Wife's Secret Blondie Recipe

She decided to experiment a little on how best to make the blondies. After a few attempts, she came up with what has to be the most delectable and tasty treat she's ever made for me. I have to say, she outdid herself this time.

Eating a Blondie Brownie

Now we've tried figuring out the best way to eat a blondie. My daughter favors a little whipped cream on top. Another likes it with a little vanilla ice cream. My wife prefers her's with a little milk. Me, I like mine hot out of the oven, still a little soft from the heat. As you can see from the picture below, I couldn't even wait for pictures!

Blondie Brownies

The Best All Time Blondie Recipe!

Here are a couple of tips from the maker of the all time most delicious, 'to die for' bites of butterscotch bliss...

Tip 1 - To get that luscious, thick, moist look and texture pictured you’ll want to make a 9X 13 or 10x13 pan that has ample batter piled on top (not thin or you’ll have a crispy, pitiful version) This is a hefty amount of ingredients you can half the recipe and make them in a loaf pan if you like but whatever you do, don’t make them thin it won’t look, taste or explode with texture in your mouth unless they are thick and robust – we know, we tried. Don’t worry about making too much. It’s impossible they disappear fast!

Tip 2 - Soften butter and/or butterscotch chips by putting in microwave safe bowl and turning to low or level 3 for 30 seconds. Check, stir, and repeat until soft but NOT complete melted/liquid (that would change the consistency and the way the ingredients combine in the baking process). Or put oven safe glass or ceramic bowl on top of stove to soften while oven is pre-heating.

All Time Best Blondie Recipe

The Recipe

If you want to know more secrets, you can get your copy of her secret recipe by filling out a request form and it will come to you in your mailbox.

If you know someone like me, it will be the best gift ever. I can't wait until next year!

Worlds Best Recipe for Blondies

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