Barnes And Noble Gift Cards Gift Idea

Barnes And Noble gift cards with a coffee cup and some coffee makes a wonderful gift for the reader in the family. If you have a friend or relative that likes to 'curl up' with a good book then this gift is for them. But don't just give them a card. Take that extra step and make it into a concept gift. How do you do that? Here's the concept...

The Basic Card Gift

No of course you could just give them the gift card. Put it in a card and sign it. That would be fine...but it's not very personalized. Doesn't show that next step of care. It is thoughtful for the right person but not extremely personal.

Barnes And Noble Gift Card ideas

The Concept Gift

So how do we take it to the next level. Package the gift card up with other things related to reading.

Go to any Barnes and Noble store and you will see people drinking coffee or munching on biscotti... so that's what we do.

Barnes and Noble Gift Cards

Get a coffee cup, some coffee and maybe some biscotti and put it all together. You have a concept gift. You took it just one small step further ahead and made a much bigger impression. That's all it takes.

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