Back To School Gift Ideas

Make the transition from summer a little more fun; here are some back to school gift ideas that will make your little ones enjoy that big day.

Supplies Can Be Gifts

These days, school supplies are pretty much a requirement for every kid when they go back to school. Why not make it fun and turn it into a gift? Here are a couple of examples of ways to make creative gifts out of school supplies.

Back to School Gift Basket

This works for you children/grand children or anyone of school age. By assembling the supplies as shown below in the picture,

Back To School Gift Basket Supplies

you can properly size the basket. Then it is a matter of placing all the pieces into the basket so they are pleasant to the eye. Of course once delivered they won't stay that way so no need to fuss too much! Here's an example of what it may look like when finished.

Back To School Gift Basket

The Gift Jar

Here's another variant of the same thing. This time it is put into a jar. The benefit of this type of packaging is that when it comes time to put things away it is included in the package. The jar can act as both the gift container and the storage place to put things away. Here's the concept...
Back To School Gift Supplies

Back to school gift Jar

The Happy Recipient

As I said earlier, this works for your own kids as well as grand kids.
Back to School Gift Basket

Back to School Gift Jar

If it is for a grand kid, I'm sure Mom & Dad will appreciate the help but check with them to see if there is a 'required' list of supplies for the year.

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