Anniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversary gifts by year is a concept invented to test the creativity of a husband and wife. Each year something new, each year something different. Well we are here to save you!

Traditional vs. Contemporary

As the title suggests, there are both traditional and contemporary anniversary gifts by year. For instance the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. The modern gift is plastic. Seems crazy to have two choices but it really helps broaden the choice of gifts.

The Important Numbers

The big numbers are the first (1) through fifth (5) , tenth (10), fifteenth (15), twentieth (20) , twenty fifth (25), thirtieth (30), fortieth (40), fiftieth(50), sixtieth(60), seventy fifth(75) and if you get beyond 75 God Bless You!

Here's my theory on why these are important. In the early years those are the romantic times. Then you move into family time so for the next 20 years you celebrate every 5 years because it is so hard to get away from the kids to celebrate. Now you are in the 25/30 range.

After that you appreciate the time and the anniversary are not so much a milestone to celebrate but a time to reflect and be thankful for the time you have had together. As an example, one idea for an anniversary present that would demonstrate your thanks for the time spent together might be to present your husband or wife with custom photo books, with photos of memories you've built together over the years.

Each of the non-biggies is important no so much to celebrate but to be thankful for each other. Still you should have a great party every once in a while! So every 10 years it is time to throw a big bash!

While I'm only coming up on my 9th anniversary, This is my theory and I'll have to update it once I reach a few of these milestones with my lovely and gracious wife. Till then I'm sticking with the theory.

What Are the Gifts By Year?

Here's the first few.

1st Modern - Clocks Traditional - Paper
2nd Modern - Cotton/China Traditional - Cotton
3rd Modern - Crystal/Glass Traditional - Leather
4th Modern - Linen/Silk Traditional - Flowers
5th Modern - Silverware Traditional - Wood

This is just to get you started... more to come!

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