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Hello and thanks for visiting our site. Here's a little about us and why we have this site.

This site is being built by the fabulous Michele who has all the creative talent and me her lucky husband Tom. I do all the techie stuff. We get inspirations and assistance from our 2 daughters who give us ideas and generally help put things together.

Michele has always been crafty and clever. Tom built a web site about Staffing and Recruiting as a way to generate traffic for their daytime business. He had some success and they decided to build one together that was fun, family oriented and they could work on together. Thus was born SoCool Gifts.

Of could never have done much of this without the help of SiteBuild It! and specifically Rocky over at Hobby and Lifestyle where his motto is:

Hobby and Lifestyle - Discover how to create the perfect lifestyle business out of your favorite hobby at Hobby and Lifestyle.com!

And that is what we are doing.

Anyway, check back often as we will be adding lots of ideas and tips on how to make homemade and personalized gifts.


Tom, Michele & Family

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