5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Time to figure out some ideas for 5th wedding anniversary gifts. You've reached a new year of marriage, life is really an occasion worth celebrating and making that moment last for a lifetime. There is no turning back time and the moment is now.

5th Anniverary Wood Antique Chest

The 5th year is represented by “wood”.

Wood denotes solidified relationship and strength according to tradition and at modern times it is represented by silverware representing connectedness.

5th Anniversary Wood Figurine

These themes represent a wide array of wooden items and silver wares are best to be your 5th wedding anniversary gifts.

5th Anniverary Wood Sculpture

Wood Anniversary Gifts

It is by tradition that the gift of wood is used to celebrate your 5th year of marriage. Wood is both natural and everlasting.

5th Anniversary Wood Park Bench

Because wood is a very versatile material, many great gifts are possible out of wood so you can easily tailor-fit your gift to the couple you are going to give it to.

5th Anniversary Wood Picture Frame

So, to mark this year special you must be looking for the most unique 5th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas to make your loved ones special and cared for.

5th Anniversary Wood Desk

Gift Selections Made of Wood

Below is a list of wood gift suggestions and ideas; check them out.

5th Anniversary Wood Treasure Chest

  • Wooden photo frame
  • Wooden furniture
  • Woodsy fragrances
  • Wood candle holders
  • Wooden desk set
  • Bonsai plant
  • Artwork and sculptures
  • Mango Wood vase
  • Wooden Roses
  • Ping Pong table
In case your loved one believes in the traditional stuff, you can give her some wooden decorative pieces for home display use.

5th Anniversary Wood Dresser

Modern Themed Silverware Gift Ideas

5th Anniversary Silver Cutlery

  • Carved love spoons
  • Silver engraved platter
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Personalized 5th wedding anniversary candlesticks
  • Silver cutlery and tableware
  • Silver plated champagne flutes

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Women

Traditional flower for the 5th wedding year is daisy which denotes purity in love and innocence. A vase of these flowers will make a great gift.

5th Anniversary Daisy Chocolates

Chocolates and flowers never fail to make a woman feel loved and respected, and would make a good complimentary gift to something more traditional or modern... and it is one way to a woman’s heart.

Personalized Outside the Box 5th Anniversary Gifts

If you are looking for out side the box ideas to surprise your spouse with your creativity in choosing 5th wedding anniversary gifts, how about both of planting a tree together on your anniversary?

A tree planted in behalf of the couple will really be a special gift of love and life. It goes well with the wooden theme and also, as the tree grows, it will remind you of your everlasting love for each other which is time-tested.

5th Anniversary Wood Bonsai Tree

You can also plan for an anniversary trip to destinations of your choice in a wooded area or at a wood cabin. Maybe a romantic getaway on your wedding anniversary to some pristine beach island or engage in fancy adventure hunting in the woods.

Discover new places and have fun together and savor the moment as a couple where you get to experience things for the first time all over again.

5th Anniversary Woods Cottage

The pleasure and uttermost excitement of discovering and enjoying new experiences together makes a couple more vibrant and revitalized. It creates memories that will last a lifetime and makes both partners realize how lucky each other is that they got to be with the person they are now and will be in the future for the rest of their lives.

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