20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

So the time has come to start thinking about 20th wedding anniversary gifts. Two decades passed and your marriage is ever strong and that is a milestone in marriage that is worth celebrating.

It marks a lifetime in the history wherein two people grow together in love amidst all the struggles and deepened their relationship after their first year of being together as one. Well done and congrats!

Celebrating 20 Years Together - The Memories

Celebrating your anniversary is a great way to cherish those memories you have spent together as couples in love and rejoice those precious moments you have spent day-in and day-out in your life.

For those who are celebrating their twenty years of married life, you must celebrate this year and make it a memorable one with unique 20th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas which will be shared to get your thinking started. You know your spouse best. Use this as a starting point go find something that will let your bride or groom know they are still the one.

Choosing a 20th Anniversary Gift

There are particular gifts for every wedding anniversary, and if you are celebrating your 20th year of marriage, these 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas will be a big help and will surely be appreciated by your partners.

The 20th wedding anniversary is associated with both the traditional and modern gifts. Chinaware is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary while on the other hand, platinum is considered to be the modern gift.

Traditional Gifts - China

Traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary is china which represents elegance, timelessness, and delicacy; and the gifts related to this are listed below.

China Based Gift Ideas

If you want it to be more special you can always customize them and personalize with engraved names and dates; in accord to your personal preference.
  • China Vase
  • China Crockery set ( china plates, bowls, spoons )
  • Trip to China
  • Chinese Table ware
  • Bone China Gifts
  • China Tea Set
  • Wedgwood
  • Artisan vases
  • Personalized Ceramic gifts
  • Candy dishes
  • China dolls, figurines

Modern Gifts - Platinum

Platinum is referred to be the modern gift for this anniversary which reflects a strong marriage bond. Platinum is a rare metal and associated with wealth and it is also malleable yet strong which practically describes what couples go through in married life.

Platinum Gift Ideas

To help you decide what will be your 20th wedding anniversary gifts check the suggestions below. Engraving personal messages or names definitely adds more love and uniqueness in each gift. Here are some of them, check it out:
  • Platinum flowers
  • Platinum Jewelry( pendant, chains, brooch, cufflinks )
  • Platinum Hit Records
  • Platinum Trimmed Flatware
  • Platinum Rings
  • Platinum Leaf Pin
  • Platinum Tie Pin
  • Platinum Earrings
  • Platinum Watch
Twenty years of holy matrimony is sure an occasion that calls for a celebration. Thus we present to you the above mentioned 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

If you want to celebrate your day more romantic and unique which you can definitely coin as your own private celebration, you two can have a dinner date in the beachfront or take her to where you first proposed.

The ideas and opportunities are endless or even crazy at some point, all that and more for celebrating your special moment together. It is just like having the first date all over again.

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